Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Morning Coffee

A few stories to consider with your morning coffee...

With two awesome shout outs to the Steelers, how can I not love this guy?

A writer friend of mine lives in Louisiana - would love to visit her and this place!

I love that young adults are reviewing these books and that one of the books is Lauren Baratz-Logsted's recently released CRAZY BEAUTIFUL!

Discussion of a question most people, including me, wonder when they visit New York City.

It feels like Monday, but is really Tuesday! Hang in there, and have a good week!


  1. Not only does Schrager trump for the Steelers, but he has us beating Patriots in the AFC Championship game! It would only get better if the Pats were an NFC team and we could kick Brady's ass in the Big Game.

    Someone check Schrager's boxers -- I bet they're black n gold :)


  2. I'm thinking they might be, which is such a relief from all of the other sportswriters and ESPN announcers wearing "I love Tom Brady" boxers.