Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New York City, Day Three

Meteorologists got it wrong today for New York City. There was some rain, but not as much as predicted. It worked for me.

Here's a short recap of Day Three:
  • Liz and I were fortunate to get seats 11 rows back from James Gandolfini's hilarious performance in Tony-nominated God of Carnage. In truth, Jeff Daniels, Hope Davis, and Marcia Gay Harden were also amazing. I'm a huge Sopranos fan, so seeing "Tony" in the flesh was just a really cool experience. I'd recommend the show to anyone (above the age of 16 comfortable with the occasional four-letter word).
  • We burned some calories walking the Brooklyn Bridge. I'd never done this before, but it jumped to my "must-do" list for all future visits to the city.
  • We consumed some calories at Shanghai Cuisine, my Chinatown restaurant of choice on the corner of Mulberry and Bayard. Everything I've had there has been great, but I'd particularly recommend the steamed vegetable dumplings and spring rolls.
  • Strand Bookstore is huge! It's a shame airlines are charging for bags now. Let me hop on my soap box and say I'd contribute a lot more to the NYC economy while I'm here if I could actually take stuff home without paying for it all over again!

The Backspace Conference, which is the catalyst for this visit, starts tomorrow morning. It's Agent-Author Day, an opportunity to interact with about 20 agents. Here's to hoping it goes well...

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