Monday, May 17, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays #19

It's a rainy Monday.

But it's a good day. The PennWriters conference this weekend has inspired me to return to my blogging. So, here's to a fun video for Rainy Days and Mondays.

Intellectually, I can't possibly buy it, but it's still pretty entertaining. And it's dedicated to Hero, my little pup who's in surgery today.



  1. What a smart puppy. But how mean to make her wait for a treat... Hope your puppy is okay.

  2. Ayleen, thanks for asking. He is on a pile of towels, pillows, and blankets in the middle of the living room floor. I'm sitting on the recliner, computer in lap, watching to be sure he does not start chewing and infect incisions. But overall, he's doing pretty well, hopping around on three legs!