Monday, May 24, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays #20

Oh happy day.

The weather in Pittsburgh is gorgeous. I've spent the past week revising, revising, revising, and it's all going very well.

AND Literary Agent Extraordinaire Janet Reid posted amazing comments on her blog regarding the PennWriters conference. I can't tell you how much fun it was meeting Janet in person.

But perhaps the better deal was hanging out with Octopussy.

Those glasses to the upper right of the photo belong to the mysterious, rarely photographed Janet Reid.

By the end of the night, Octopussy (who is in desperate need of a worthy first name and perhaps a middle initial) and I were old pals.

Finally, it's been a whole week since my little puppy boy had his surgery. He's still hopping around on three legs, rather pathetically, but he's definitely on the mend. He's spending more time hanging outside than being wrapped up in a blanket like he was last week.

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. I think the photo of you with Octopussy should be your new avatar!

    And how about Octavia Octopussy?

  2. Did it rain yesterday?!

    I am spending good eight hours in an office, located in the basement with "fluorescent" sun. Mostly immune to weather; hermetically sealed rather!

    Have a great week, professor! Please check your yahoo mails!