Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back to School

The day has finally arrived.

While most students are exhaling sighs of relief and closing their textbooks to the joy of summer vacation, I am dusting off the backpack that has been hanging on a hook in the basement since college.

Yep, it's back to school time.

The family has been supportive. They've asked if I have my Trapper Keeper packed, what Disney character is on my lunch box, and when the bus is coming to pick me up.

The jokes took me back to the days of Trapper Keepers and every-color-of-the-rainbow Lisa Frank folders. Unicorns. I always went for the unicorns.

Of course, Lisa Frank folders won't really fit in with my PhD studies. Although if I could find one, I'd probably still rock it. I mean, really. Did you look at the picture?

And I'm sure I could find a Trapper Keeper on eBay. I could use a lunch box, too. Maybe Hannah Montana.
I digress. The point is I've considered doing a PhD for years, and today is the day it all begins. I'm a student of the Composition and TESOL program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I've had my head in one book or another for the last 23 years, so that won't be new.

As for what will be new, I'll let you know soon.

Stay tuned...

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