Monday, June 7, 2010

Plum Lovin'

Yes, I'm still in awe at the fact Stephanie Plum is coming to Pittsburgh. If you're thinking, "Stephanie Plum is fictional, Tamara. You do realize that, right?"

No. I don't. In fact, you're wrong. She exists.

So does Lula and Grandma Mazur and (if there is a God) Ranger and Morelli. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, pull your credit card from your wallet, and click here pronto.

Janet Evanovich, if you come across this posting by some grace of all things tasty, I offer myself up to you as a tour guide. I'm a good tour guide. I promise to keep you away from Pittsburgh's "Stark" streets.

Or, hey, we can drive down them if you prefer!

In honor of my future feature film debut, here are some recent tweets from Janet (we are so on a first name basis. Sort of. Not really, but I mean, there's still time for that to change). They are always bright spots in my Twitter feed, so if you're a tweep, follow Janet. Like now.

“That's the second CR-V you've burned up this week.” - Vincent Plum, Hard Eight

“I'll throw in a bucket of chicken and an ice cream cake from Carvel. That's my final offer.” - Morelli, Finger Lickin' Fifteen

“I always thought I'd make a good detective, on account of I'm so nosy.” - Grandma Mazur, Hard Eight

“He mess with a big woman like me, and he be nothin' more than a smelly spot on the carpet.” - Lula, Two for the Dough

“You've got a helluva gene pool, babe.” - Ranger, Two for the Dough

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