Monday, June 15, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays #7

Nobody could ask for a better weekend.

Really. It was the kind of weekend that keeps giving, even through Monday morning. But there are some people who read this blog outside of Pittsburgh who aren't feeling the exhilaration we are, and there are Pittsburghers who will be stuck in offices today during the Stanley Cup Parade for the victorious Pittsburgh Penguins.

For those, reasons, I'm happy to share the three amazing events that have me waking up happy today!


The New Kids on the Block concert was great. Kudos to Donnie for coming out on stage with a Penguins towel. He said Pittsburgh is one of the greatest cities to visit, and he's right!

I might be biased.

The New Kids sing a song called Dirty Dancing. Before they sang the song at the concert, they played a clip that made the crowd go wild. Here it is:


Wow. After listening to announcers and should-be fans saying the Penguins couldn't do it, Pittsburgh defeated Detroit in the Stanley Cup Finals. And it came down to the final seconds, just like the Super Bowl.

I'm happy to have two championship teams in the city this year, but I might have an ulcer as well.

Congratulations to Talbot, Crosby, Malkin, Fleury and the rest of the Pens. What a comeback season. Here's a look back at Game 7.

By the way the crowd goes wild when Talbot scores, you'd think it was a home game for the Pens!


I took my niece to see the Broadway Musical Legally Blonde. It's such a fun show. And again, kudos to the lead, Becky Gulsvig, who plays Elle Woods for making her curtain call with a Sidney Crosby jersey on. Go Pens!

Here's a look at the opening number for the musical.

Well, I guess this is plenty to keep you from being productive today at the office. Happy Monday!

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