Monday, June 29, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays #9

Like so many others, I was shocked to hear about Michael Jackson's death. He was incredibly talented, but his life was full of trauma and tragedy. Hopefully, he's now at peace.

Michael had his best days during my childhood, and I remember dancing to his songs in the living room. Another memory I have, though, is of a great spoof artist. You may have heard of him - Weird Al Yankovic. He satirized a few of Michael's songs, and from what I've heard Michael was a good sport about it.

When I saw Michael Jackson's video Bad on TV over the weekend, I had to laugh because I happened to know Weird Al's version better. They're incredibly similar though!

Take a look for yourself and have a laugh.

Michael's version.

Weird Al's version.

*Details on Lily Dale tomorrow...

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